Extended Pre-K - has been replaced with Full-Day Class 


 The longer day allows for an additional hour of educational activities offered in small group settings that are designed to help enhance all aspects of development.  The children also benefit by having the experience of eating lunch at school with their friends each day.


Class time is from 8:30 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.

2 days (Tuesday & Thursday)

3 days (Monday, Wednesday & Friday)

5 days (Monday - Friday)


Curriculum Focus

Social-Emotional Development

"Community Building" activities moving from "me" to "we"


Waiting to be called on

Increase focus at circle time

Comfort speaking to the group at "Sharing Time"

Sharing ideas and events important to them


Acts of kindness toward others

Confidence to try new things


Cognitive Development

Name recognition

Letter and sound recognition

Writing own name and friends and family members

Math concepts; sorting, patterning, matching, rote counting 1-20

Reading readiness; left to right, parts of a book, groups of words make sentences

Language concepts; rhyming, opposites, nursery rhymes, words have meaning

Science concepts; nature and our environment, magnets, color blending, effects of temperature,

              animals/insects and their habitats


Fine Motor Development

Increase focus on fine motor skills-pencil grip and pressure

Use of scissors correctly

Progress forming letters and numbers

Starting to write words

Snaps, buttons, zips, and buckles


Gross Motor Development

Enhanced through Fun'N'Fitness and our outdoor play opportunities


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